Welcome to MIDAC Corporation.

For over thirty years we have been assisting our clients in finding solutions to difficult analytical challenges using Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR). Our instruments and software have gained a worldwide reputation for ruggedness, reliability and ease of use. They have proven their ability to perform the most demanding measurements under the harshest conditions. Here is just a sample of what our customers have achieved using our analyzers and the expertise of our applications scientists and specialists:
  • Extractive at-source and in-situ instrumentation
  • Complete turn-key process monitoring and emissions measurements
  • Open path monitoring, including fence-lines, flux, plumes, and incident areas
  • Moisture analysis of process gas streams including ammonia and other corrosives
  • Real time process monitoring and efficiency measurements in power plants
  • Stack testing and analysis of combustion byproducts including formaldehyde
  • Semiconductor and other industrial gas purity and usage analysis
  • Indoor facility air analysis and monitoring for workplace and safety compliance
  • Vehicle emissions and catalytic converter research
  • Natural gas vehicle and fuel cell R&D and quality control
  • Testing for EPA and ASTM protocol compatibility
  • Feasibility and R&D studies
  • Chemical agent detection
  • Process control applications for manufacturing
  • Industrial hygiene measurements
  We look forward to helping you use the power of FTIR spectroscopy to solve your analytical challenges.
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